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Maximising minis

Maximising Mini’s

After five straight years of declining wine sales in both the off and on-trade, there’s growing evidence of a fight back.

Research from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) published earlier this year showed that post the 2014 budget, volume sales in the on-trade were down just 2% – the lowest annual fall in five years – and, encouragingly, overall values were up by the same percentage.

Much of that stabilisation can be attributed to scrapping of the alcohol duty escalator, but the wine trade has also been helping itself, with new offerings, competitive pricing and innovations like wine on draught. And at the other extreme to draught wine, there’s been much activity in the field of single serve ‘minis’, be they red, white, rosé or sparkling.

Tom Joyce-Brown of Accolade Wines explains the thinking….

“We know people love wine. It remains the most popular drink for restaurant goers and a recent YouGov poll for WSTA revealed that 8 out of 10 respondents had drunk at home – with red wine, white wine and lager being the most popular alcoholic drinks.

However, we also know that many people who’d like a glass of wine at home are put off from opening a full-sized bottle of wine, either because they don’t want to be tempted to have a second glass or they’re not going to be able to finish the bottle before it’s past its best. 

Our single serve bottles are therefore the perfect answer to that dilemma – which is why you’re seeing many more off-trade sites offering a selection of our minis, with Hardys Stamp Shiraz/Cabernet, Echo Falls White Zinfandel and Banrock Station Colombard/Chardonny being top sellers.

We’re also seeing increasing numbers of restaurants and bars stocking minis – and profiling them on their wine lists – top sellers being Hardys VR Merlot, Echo Falls Chardonay and Jack Rabbit Sparkling White. That’s because single serve wines are easy to stock, they look great on a shelf or in a glass fronted fridge and they’re just so easy to serve. Twist the screw top off, pour some into a nice glass and leave the customer to top up at their leisure.

You’re guaranteeing the wine is in perfect condition; it’s faster than doing wine by the glass as you don’t have to use a measure and there’s no risk of that half finished big bottle going off. And customers like them too, not least because they’re in control of what they drink. We’re convinced single serve wines will continue to see real growth, which is great news for everyone!”

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