Schwartz September 2019

McCain mashes it up

McCain Foods has launched Simply Potato for Mash to fill a gap in the foodservice market.

The new product enables caterers to deliver a consistently delicious, creamy and fluffy mash in just 15 minutes, with no waste – saving time and therefore money.

A mixed skills catering team can prepare McCain Simply Potato for Mash in just a quarter of an hour, saving up to 30 minutes per serving over fresh potatoes. There are also other savings to be made as up to 30 per cent of ware (fresh) potatoes can be wasted through peeling and defect removal.

Made with quality potato, blanched and frozen, with no additives or preservatives, McCain Simply Potato for Mash meets strict nutrition targets for school caterers. And because it’s unseasoned, it can be customised, helping caterers to deliver a mash to meet customer demand, whether that is healthy or luxury.

McCain Simply Potato for Mash also gains weight during the cooking process through water absorption, which increases the light fluffy texture, offering even greater value for time and cost-pressured caterers.

Jo Simmons, McCain Foods’ senior brand manager, said: “Great mash is a real favourite with everyone from pupils to patients but it can also really divide opinion if the texture or consistency is not quite right. It can also be very labour intensive for caterers to prepare using fresh potatoes and almost impossible to deliver to a high-standard on a consistent basis.

“McCain Simply Potato for Mash has performed fantastically in taste and operational trials and will revolutionise the preparation and delivery of mash, saving caterers time, and therefore money, while ensuring happy customers all year round.”

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