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Ping! Your dinner is served…

60 years in the making and a real student favourite, but opinions on the microwave oven are still divided.

You will find a microwave in 92 percent* of UK households, with the appliance in full view. The catering world however seems to be split into three categories when it comes to these magic little boxes. There are those who extol the virtues of the microwave, those who just won’t go there and others who use it for the bare minimum.

There are several famous fans of the microwave including: Ferran Adrià of El Bulli who cooks a sponge cake using a microwave; Heston Blumenthal uses his to produce perfectly cooked fennel; and Daniel Galmiche of The Vineyard at Stockcross enthusiastically blogs about microwaved potato gratin, mussels and chocolate tart. Gaby’s Deli in London uses the microwave in full view, pinging away, and no one seems to mind, while others hide it away in the kitchen. With hundreds of opinions, we thought we would start the debate – to ping or not to ping? Do you use a microwave? What do you use it for and more importantly, is it in full view.

*Source: Living Costs and Food Survey 2010

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