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The Mixologist Recommends with Callum Pates

Continuing our quest to bring you all that’s new and exciting in the world of mixology, Take Stock is delighted to welcome back Callum Pates of Pernod Ricard, to share his thoughts on this year’s cocktail trends and his favourite recipes for St George’s Day and St Patrick’s Day…

Sustainability and zero-wasteCallum Pates - Mixologist - Take Stock magazine
This year, there is a real focus on sustainability and waste reduction. ‘Closed Loop’ cocktails are causing a real buzz in the industry. It means every part of an ingredient gets used, for example, lemon husks to make syrup and old teabags to make a tannic tincture. Nonbiodegradable plastic straws are no longer acceptable, and in their place are reusable ones. The on trade has also started to question the use of other consumables too – disposable coasters being one.

Pre-batched and draught cocktails
We’re going to see a rise in pre-batched and draught cocktails, because they increase the speed of service and give greater consistency. A word of warning though; draught and bottle-to-table cocktails are exciting, but the quality of the drink has to be second to none, or the ‘experience’ is compromised.

Virtuous cocktails
69% of cocktail drinkers say they proactively try to lead a healthy lifestyle (CGA Q3 2017 Report). Operators need to offer a range of lower ABV cocktails that use fresh and natural ingredients, or they’ll be missing out big style!

Spritz-style cocktails
A personal favourite of mine, spritz-style cocktails tick the healthier and fun boxes too! I recommend that bartenders play around with these drinks and use gin, vodka or even tequila in their creations. An example to try is gin, cloudy apple juice, lime, elderflower and fizz and go from there.

Don’t over complicate
One of the biggest mistakes bartenders make when making a cocktail is over complicating a classic. The reason they are a classic and have stood the test of time is because they are well balanced and are the perfect combination of strong, sweet and sour. Simple.

Mixing tip
Always chill your shakers and mixing glasses before constructing a drink. I use stainless steel shaking tins as they have a very low thermal mass meaning you can chill your drink easier. As much as large mixing glasses look beautiful, they have a huge thermal mass and can change the finished temperature of a drink by several degrees – enough to make the drink seem too warm when served!

Callum’s Cocktails for St George’s Day & St Patrick’s Day: Mi Lang NegroniJJ Collins and Jameson Caskmates Espresso Martini

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