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Mixologist Recommends with Teddy Joseph

The Mixologist Recommends with Teddy Joseph

The art of cocktail making is something we can all appreciate – be that through watching a professional create a liquid masterpiece, or by the pleasure of drinking it!

Take Stock seeks to give an insight into the world of cocktail making by asking a top mixologist about their work, favourites and predictions. We’ll get them to share a couple of recipes too. This issue it’s Teddy Joseph – one of the Maxxium ‘Mixxit’ team…

How did you get into mixology?The Mixologist Recommends, Teddy Joseph - Take Stock Magazine
I studied a degree in licensed retail management at Leeds University and my second year involved a year-long placement in a hospitality management position. After a year of working I found the transition back to studying a tough one so I deferred for a year to continue working in a city cocktail bar – and I’ve never looked back!

What are the cocktail trends for this year?
I think we’re going to see interest in sherry and vermouth-based cocktails gain traction, to the extent that they’ll become mainstream. Sustainability in cocktails and the ingredients used will also play a huge part this year as more and more people become socially responsible. Consumers are also becoming more health conscious and this could see a rise in the popularity of drier or more citrus and sour flavoured cocktails.

What’s your all time favourite cocktail, and why?
The Tequila Negroni – a twist on the classic Negroni – replacing the gin with tequila, preferably a Blanco. A delicious drink with flavours of dark cacao, orange zest and spice. I fell in love with this cocktail while working in Sydney, Australia. My love for the drink was so well known that as a leaving gift they put the cocktail on the drinks list, naming it the El Tedroni in my honour!

What’s a common mistake made by bartenders?
They taste their creations after they have poured them into the glass and presented it to the customer! At that point it is pointless and too late to modify if it doesn’t taste right. Taste your cocktails in the shaker/mixing glass as you prepare the drink. If it needs adjusting, you can do so at that point. Once in the glass, it belongs to the customer!

Teddy’s exclusive cocktails for Burns night and Chinese New Year – Ramble Thru the Brambles and The Lunar Last Word


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