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Mustard and Punch

Mustard and Punch

Expansion despite the recession: we look at the trio who are bucking the trend and expanding their business by putting provenance and quality at the very heart of what they do.

Wayne Roddis, Philip Barden and Richard Dunn knew they had found a winning formula with their restaurant, Mustard and Punch on the outskirts of Huddersfield. The bistro style restaurant has thrived since its opening in 2001 by offering locally sourced food at reasonable prices. So when a property became available in the heart of Huddersfield, the trio couldn’t resist the urge to replicate their offering and bring good, local food to people in the centre of town.

The partners knew it would be tricky considering the current economic climate but knew they couldn’t let the opportunity pass them by. Says Wayne, “when you are confident in your product you just have to go for it. Otherwise you’ll regret it. The opportunity came up in the right location and we would have kicked ourselves if we had turned it down and then watched someone else take it.”

The building is fabulous: a grade 2 listed building which the boys have restored to its former glory, installing a kitchen and exposing fantastic original features.

All three have no illusions and this year will be tough but they have confidence in the quality of their food offering and believe it will see them through.

Called Northern Taps, the new restaurant opened in December last year and enjoyed strong Christmas trading. Unlike Mustard and Punch, it opens all day, not just in the evenings and offers the same type of food with a slight twist. For example Northern Taps offers more sharing and snacking platters to reflect the more casual dining needs of its customers.

Northern Taps is also more about drinks, offering a variety of ales and ciders. The overall branding of the establishment is a ‘kitchen, ale and cider house,’ and to capture the daytime town centre passing trade, the venue offers a wide range of hot drinks.

All about local provenance.

All produce used at Mustard and Punch is sourced locally from farms and breweries around the area.


Local lamb rump with spinach, rosti potato, pea puree and lamb sauce

Traditional Savoury Ducks – Slaithwaite Chorizo sausage

Sticky Ox cheek – slowly braised with smokey barbeque sauce

Things on toast – served on charred sourdough bread

Homemade ice cream – unique flavours such as sour cherry, cinnamon doughnut and ‘black out’ – an ice cream made from stout.

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