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New Water Legislation 2017

New Water Legislation

From April 2017, all businesses in England will be able to buy water and wastewater services from a supplier of their choice. The new open market gives businesses the option to switch to the supplier who gives them the most competitive price, regardless of where they operate.

Take Stock shows you how to take advantage of the new legislation step by step…

1: Check your current billing and charging is correct. If not, speak to your current supplier before switching.

2: Look at exactly how much water you’re using, where and when. Check if you’re on a smart meter or have any special arrangements with your current provider. This information will help you in your negotiations.

3: If you have multiple sites, work out your total consumption across the business, as you’ll be able to switch to one supplier for everything. You’ll no longer have to use different suppliers for different UK regions, and that consolidation will reduce complexity and cut administration costs too.

4: Know your rights and read up on the changes. There’s lots of impartial advice out there. is a great place to start for more information.

5: Contact your existing water supplier and ask about your deal. Look on the internet too as water companies and brokers will be promoting their services. Many companies already have sites where you can register your interest, so don’t delay.

6: Enquire too about additional services included like water efficiency and leakage checks. These will save you money.

7: Don’t ignore the opportunity! Water companies are changing the way they engage with business customers and some are leaving the commercial market. If you don’t look at your water deal, you stand a real chance of being put on a default tariff – which could cost you dearly!

  • In Scotland businesses are already saving nearly 25% on their water bills with these changes
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