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Olé for Olives - Take Stock magazine

Olé for Olives

Green, black, stuffed and marinated, olives are not only a tasty fruit but a wholesome one too! This nutritious, flavoursome and versatile little gem is a must-have for your store cupboard with complex aromas and pungent flavours that can elevate and define any number of dishes.


The perfect bar snack! Serve marinated mixed olives, olives with chilli, or olives stuffed with feta, red peppers, garlic, almonds or anchovies.

olives in a dish - Take Stock magazine

Pasta & pizzaolives on pizzas - Take Stock magazine

Olives are always at home with pasta. They are an essential ingredient of the well-known spaghetti puttanesca dish along with capers, tomatoes, chilli, garlic and anchovies. Or use straight from the jar, chopped and thrown into any tomato-based pasta dish just before serving. The popularity of pizza is never going to fade. Add premium or chopped up olives to your pizzas for that extra hit
of Italian flavour.

Aperitifolive aperitif - Take Stock magazine

Olives make great finger food. Stud traditional Italian bread with them or offer white cheese cubes with olives and ham as an addition to your BBQ menu.


Whether you are making a grilled cheese sandwich, a chicken salad on granary bread or even egg mayonnaise, olives can add another dimension.olive sarnies - Take Stock magazine

Salads & mains

Olives liven up a salad, especially with fish or poultry. Toss into slow-cooked meat dishes to create some classic Mediterranean tastes or add to a salsa for a piquant topping to any grilled or BBQ dish.olives in salads - Take Stock magazine

Why are olives so good?

Nutritious – high in mono-unsaturates, low in carbohydrates, and an excellent source of Vitamin E
Versatile – endless culinary possibilities
Convenient – buy ready pitted and just open and serve. No preparation or cooking required
A perfect cupboard standby – with a three-year shelf life, until opened, olives can be stored at ambient temperature

“At Crespo we source only the very best olives – and with no trans-fats or cholesterol and naturally free of allergens, they’re the perfect ingredient!”
Sam Higgins, senior brand manager at RH Amar


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