Schwartz September 2019

Go Outdoors with GO IN

If you are looking to expand with an outdoor seating area this summer, furniture design company GO IN (UK) have created a range of outdoor furniture using table and bench sets ideal for both individual businesses and the British summer.

With over 30 years’ experience in designing outdoor furniture for hospitality, the German company understands the importance of amalgamating creative designs and practicality. Over the summer months there will inevitably be a growth in families eating out and a high turn-over with consumers making the most of British summer, despite its unpredictable nature. With this in mind the furniture has been made from a dense laminate so that the furniture is waterproof and easy to clean.

Offering your customers an outdoor eating experience will tick boxes with families, customers wanting a different dining option and will ensure your customers’ return this summer.  Outdoor dining areas will also maximise your capacity which will also help to drive your sales up.

The exclusive furniture range comes in an array of colours and finishes to suit your establishment’s individual style, whilst also having built in anti-theft devices.

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