Brillo Cleaning Guide 10/19


Five chefs share their romantic recipes which we’ve paired with the perfect wine

Tips before you start

Opening oysters

If too big to fit snugly in your palm, lay the oyster on a cloth on the work surface with another cloth on top (the curved shell should be underneath). Insert oyster-knife point as close to the hinge as possible. Work in to a depth of about 2cm, pick the oyster up so the rounded shell sits in the flat of your hand. Twist the knife downwards and inwards to loosen the two shells and separate them at the hinge. The oyster meat is attached to the top shell by an adductor muscle. Move the blade along the top (flat) shell and loosen the oyster from it without cutting into the fleshy part. The oyster and its juice will sit in the rounded sell. Discard the flat shell.

Washing and juicing

As you open each shell, empty the juices into a bowl, sieve and reserve – you should get about 200ml juice from 10-12 oysters. Rinse the oysters in this juice to remove any grit or traces of shell, remove from liquid and reserve. Sieve the juice again and store for the sauce.

See the Poached Jersey Oysters recipe by Steve Smith here

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