Schwartz September 2019

The Perfect Tipple

With a higher customer turnover and increased revenue opportunities, it’s essential you stock and serve the right drinks over the festive season. With one of the favoured choices being whisky, Take Stock looks at three brands to help you get the most out of your bar sales.

Highland Park

The range encompasses 12, 18, 21 and 25 year old vintages, with the balance of gentle smoke and sherry wood creating the unique heather honey sweetness of Highland Park. The multi-award-winning malt core range suits a diverse range of tastes, and is supported by the national consumer sampling campaign that ‘eclipses the ordinary’. The Authentic Orcadian bottle design gives it a superb shelf standout.

Try this drink suggestion: Orkney Old-Fashioned 


Laphroaig is the number one Islay malt in the world. With unmistakable peatsmoke flavours differing between rich, light, smoky and sweet, it is the only singlemalt Scotch whisky to be awarded the Royal Warrant by HRH Prince of Wales.

Try this drink suggestion: Islay Manhattan


The Macallan is a luxury global icon and holds the world record for the most expensive whisky. Matured exclusively in sherry oak casks made of the best quality wood to create a unique flavour and natural colour. The Macallan 1824 Series range consists of Gold, Amber, Sienna and Ruby, which are based on natural colour and character.

Try this drink suggestion: Macallan Amber Glow

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