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Plan Ahead, March/April 2018 - Take Stock Magazine

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead for key events gives you the opportunity to drive uptake and sales in this fast-paced, competitive industry. The May bank holidays, FIFA World Cup and Father’s Day are all busy and popular events that give outlets of all sizes the chance to increase trade during the day and into the evening.

What to do
• Make sure your beer garden or outside areas – including furniture – are clean, tidy and in good condition. Consider a gazebo in case the weather lets you down.
• Hold a World Cup party or decorate your premises – team dependent!
• Organise a World Cup quiz.
• Hire a bouncy castle or a children’s entertainer. Have board games available too.
• Have an A-board outside to attract passing customers.
• Make sure your kitchen and front of house is fully staffed. If it’s a sunny day you’ll attract walk-ins, so don’t get caught out.

What to serve
• Most customers aren’t looking for fine dining but something quick and tasty. Burgers, hot dogs and chips are perfect – make sure you have a variety of fillings and sauces available. Pizza suits all ages and can be shared or eaten alone. On your bigger pizzas, make everyone happy by offering half-and-half options.
• This is a prime opportunity for outlets to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tweak your normal menu to include offers or have specific menus to cater to each event. For Father’s Day offer a free pint for every dad who orders a meal or have a pint and a burger with chips for £5 during matches.
• Go the whole hog and put on a BBQ. A hog roast is profitable and a great way to cater for large numbers of people. They make a great centrepiece and are good for portion control – suiting families and small eaters – as they can decide how little or how much they want. Add a selection of sides such as spicy wedges – which you can charge a premium for – and serve a selection of matching drinks too – cider is great with roast pork. A BBQ with a rotisserie is the best way to cook the hog as it turns the meat so it is fully cooked throughout – don’t try and turn the pig yourself! Flavour the pork using a brine marinade and leave to marinate for at least 24 hours.

What to pour
• Beer buckets and ready-made pitchers of Pimms, sangria and other cocktails such as Mojito and Sex On The Beach – and even shandy – are essential. Not only does this save time at the bar, the
customer remains happy and that means they’re likely to stay for another round – and return at a later date.
• Make sure you have enough chilled bottled beer and cider available in the fridge, plus Prosecco, white wine and rosé.
• Shake up some novelty cocktails for each occasion – a whiskey-based for Father’s Day and a country focus when the football is on.
• Events will attract customers who can’t or don’t want to drink alcohol so have plenty of mocktails on offer and non alcoholic beers. Stock up on a variety of soft and fruit drinks and bottled water too – and ice cream sodas!

14 June – 15 July
England v Tunisia
– Monday, 18 June 7pm
England v Panama
– Sunday, 24 June 1pm
England v Belgium
– Thursday, 28 June 7pm
– Friday, 6 July 3pm & 7pm
– Saturday, 7 July 3pm & 7pm
– Tuesday, 11 July 7pm &
Wednesday, 11 July 7pm
– Sunday, 15 July 4pm

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