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Plan Ahead

English Wine Week

The mission is to establish Great Britain as one of the world’s great quality wine regions, and encourage customers who have never tried English wine before, to give it a go.

What to do:

•Speak to your suppliers to stock a varied selection of wines.

•Promote food and wine pairings – speak to your supplier for suggestions.

•Offer information about each wine in an attempt to open people’s minds to English wine and reduce snobbery around it.

•Host a week long English Wine celebration or choose one day during the week to showcase how special it is. With Brexit, this is the perfect time to get a better understanding of what we can obtain domestically.

•Invite a producer along to host a tasting event.

•Hold offers during the week – 2FOR1 on glasses or bottles of English wine or a free glass with every main meal bought.

•Order free PoS that is available from English Wine Producers (EWP), including menu cards, bunting and banners.

•Get customers excited about English wine by briefing staff to recommend it. The heatwave of 2018 enabled the harvest last year to be the UK’s biggest on record so some fantastic still wines will be produced this year.

World Gin Day

A global celebration of all things gin. Whether you are a licensed café or a bustling bar this is one event you should be involved in.

What to do:

•Increase your gin range and put on promotions, or extend your happy hour for G&Ts and gin cocktails on the day itself, or even on the run-up.

•Vary your usual stock by serving a more expensive gin than normal and a more flavoured or higher proof gin to test the water with your customers.

•Relaunch a new gin menu on the day.

•Make it a weekend (starting Friday) event or even a week long celebration.

•Host a gin tasting event with local gins, your best sellers and new or interesting ones. Learn the key points of each gin, especially where and how it’s made and the botanicals used. Speak to your suppliers about getting the brands involved.

•If your venue has the space (especially outdoors) then why not go all out and host a gin party with live music or a DJ?

•Host a gin dinner where your dishes are inspired by the botanicals found in gin, then match with cocktails or drinks for each course.

•Invite a distiller to your establishment to come and talk about their gin – and of course bring samples!

•Increase reach for social media about your activities by using the hashtag #WorldGinDay.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is giving Mother’s Day a run for its money, with it now being one of the on trade’s busiest occasions.

What to do:

•Offer ‘big plate’ specials for those dads with an extra large appetite! Curries, steaks and mixed grills work well – even a steak on a pie – especially when a free drink is included.

•Host a family music day like Elgood’s Brewery Gardens in Cambridgeshire. Almost 400 people gathered last year to enjoy an afternoon of jazz. Refreshments and a licensed bar was available, and customers brought a picnic. They charged £10 fee with children under 12 free and raised £500 for charity.

•Get the BBQ out! Burgers and steak are quick and easy, or go the whole hog and roast a pig.

•Encourage children to ‘eat like dad’ like The Club House at Liverpool ONE did last year. Their menu included Sunday roasts, deli boards and hanging kebabs and were all available on the kids menu too, in smaller portions.

•Offer a hearty breakfast or brunch menu. A bap filled with sausage, chips, bacon, and beans, or go the full monty and offer steak and eggs!

•A dads eat free offer after 6pm is a good way to encourage evening trade and help ease the lunchtime rush.

•Offer a rum or whisky tasting session event either on the day or Saturday.


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