Brillo Cleaning Guide 10/19

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is crucial to maximise the sales opportunities presented by key events on the calendar.

National BBQ Week
The UK BBQ market is worth around £1.6 billion. A major summer lifestyle trend and big business, BBQ cooking is a great boost for your venue.

What to do
• Host a BBQ alongside a sporting event. The Champions League Final (30 May), Euro 2020 which starts on 12 June and Wimbledon (29 June) for starters.
• Burgers and sausages remain the number one barbecue food. Load up your burgers with bacon and deep fried mozzarella to allow you to charge a premium price.
• Don’t forget the American classics – ribs, pulled pork and brisket are essential.
• Make sure your meat-free options stand out. Jerk-glazed plantain, Indian-spiced jackfruit and halloumi kebabs are some tasty examples.
• Relishes, sauces, pastes, marinades and glazes allow you to offer global cuisine and worldwide flavours.
• Loaded fries, sweet potato fries and piri piri wedges add a premium accompaniment to your sides.
• Sharing platters are a must, and make sure you have add ons such as sauces, toppings and salads available.
• Customers are willing to pay more for locally sourced or ethically raised meat, so make sure this detail is highlighted.
• Expand your seafood offerings. As well as prawns and salmon fillets, offer other alternatives, such as lobster or whole fish.

World Gin Day
A day for everyone and anyone to enjoy gin, the celebration is always held on the second Saturday in June.

What to do
• Increase your gin range and put on promotions, or extend your happy hour for G&Ts and gin cocktails on the day itself, or even on the run-up.
• Vary your usual stock by serving a more expensive gin than normal and a more flavoured or higher proof gin to test the water with your customers.
• Relaunch a new gin menu on the day.
• Make it a weekend event or even a week-long celebration.
• Host a gin tasting event with local gins, your bestsellers and new or interesting ones. Swat up on the key points of each gin, especially where and how it’s made and the botanicals used. Speak to your suppliers about getting brands involved.
• If your venue has the space then why not go all out and host a gin party with live music or a DJ?
• Host a gin dinner where your dishes are inspired by the botanicals found in gin, then match with cocktails or drinks for each course.
• Invite a distiller to your outlet to talk about their gin – and of course bring samples!
• Increase reach about your outlet’s activities by using the hashtag #WorldGinDay.

Father’s Day
No longer playing second fiddle to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is now one of the on trade’s busiest days.

What to do
• Offer ‘big plate’ specials for those dads with an extra large appetite! Curries, steaks and mixed grills work well – even a steak on a pie – especially when they allow a free drink.
• Host a family music day. Hire a local band or DJ, and have games – dad versus kids! Host a BBQ or refreshments and let dads and children under 12 in for free. The ticket price you charge for adults can be donated to a local charity.
• Burgers and steak are quick and easy, or go the whole hog and roast a pig.
• Why not organise a family treasure hunt or walk where the finish is your venue? Those who’ve taken part get a complimentary drink and the offer of an early bird evening menu.
• Encourage children to eat the same as their dad by offering smaller sized portions of the main menu.
• Give people an incentive to book with you, such as the chance for dads to win a free meal for two on another date, or a visit to a local attraction.
• Offer a hearty breakfast or brunch menu. A bap filled with sausage, chips, bacon, and beans, or go the full monty and offer steak and eggs!

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