Schwartz September 2019

Plan Ahead

The beginning of January is commonly perceived as a quieter time for operators but if you market your business effectively you could see a busy and profitable start to 2017 instead.

New year, new you
By the time Big Ben strikes his twelfth dong, new year’s resolutions will have already been made. And with losing weight being one of the top declarations, why not tweak your menu to reflect this healthier attitude.
• Have a daily ‘diet’ option
• Try to list the calorie content for each dish
• Experiment with lower-fat versions of popular dishes
• Offer customers skimmed milk with their tea or coffee
• Some chains offer ‘Saint’ and ‘Sinners’ menus for the month of January.
Sitting alongside three indulgent dishes and cocktails are three lower calorie alternative dishes with a mocktail. Why not try a similar idea in your outlet to encourage your customers to visit?

Dry January
After the over-indulgence of the festive season, more customers are opting for a Dry January. But instead of dreading this booze-free time indulge, go with it and look for the potential profit to be made – and don’t forget those who are still up for a pint.
• 2FOR1 offers on food
• Free pint of lager or soft drink with food
• Pub quiz to liven up a quiet night – the prize could even be a meal for two later in the year
• Children’s day – why not have a fun day one weekend with a DJ or magician? Or keep it cheap with face painting and colouring, plus games and giveaways. While the kids are playing, the chances
are at that at least one of the parents will be indulging in a glass or two
• Make your soft drinks offering premium

Try January
Try January, set up by the industry to counter the sales dip created by Dry January, is a programme to encourage customers to venture out of home and try new drinks and food throughout the month. Use the hashtag #TryJanuary on your social media to let customers know you are supporting the initiative.
• Introduce new drinks and dishes to your menu that you’ve never had before
• Promote with in-house posters and advertise via your website. Brief staff to let customers know what you are doing
• Use social media – especially Instagram – to showcase pictures of your new dishes and drinks

Spread the love
The day of love is just around the corner, and with Valentine’s Day falling on a Tuesday next year, it is a prime opportunity to boost a typically quiet night.
• Have a lunchtime offer or an early doors menu – mid-week customers may not want a late night
• Stock up on Prosecco!
• Advertise your offers on social media, website and in-house at the beginning of January. This gives people something to look forward to – especially if they have been doing Dry January
• Offer a Valentine’s menu throughout the weekend before – some couples, especially those with children, may struggle to celebrate the event on the day

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