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The on-trade spirits market place is buoyant, thanks to a massive rise in sales of premium spirits. Figures from CGA showing MAT volume and value growth for 12 months ending 29 November 2015 prove the point.

41% of spirits drinkers would rather go to the pub than drink at home

Malt Whisky + 5.5% Volume + 10.2% value

Premium Vodka + 9.2% Volume + 17.3% value

Premium Gin + 25.5% Volume + 35.7% value

Golden Rum + 18.8% volume + 30.5% value

Spiced Rum + 18% volume + 23.7% Value

Imported Whiskey + 1.3% volume + 8% value

Here’s how to make the most of this side of your business.

Spirit consumers spend 30% more per head on liquor than drinkers in other categories

Be inspirational! 

Customers want to be inspired and have an experience they don’t get at home. So, have a high quality spirits and cocktail menu that incorporates:

• Beautiful drinks images – people shop with their eyes!

• Detailed drink descriptions – to aid consumer choice

• Transparent drinks pricing of the finished drink

• Not too much choice – to speed up decision making and make it easier  for your bar staff

Stock a range and show it off!

Core range

• These are your best sellers and highest volume spirits

• Place where highly visible – near the till and in a central position

• Ensure they’re accessible, for instance on your speed rail or on optics

Premium range

• Have higher quality offerings for each of your core range

• Give choice by including flavoured varieties, ‘new players’, local and seasonal offerings – such as sloe gin in winter

• Make a display of these, so customers can scan from the core offering up to your Premium options

• Have serving and cocktail suggestions immediately available

Leverage the ‘premium’ impression

Showing off your premium spirits offerings can have a halo effect on every element of your business. Make the most of this by 

• Promoting premium snacks on your drinks menu

• Have premium offerings on your food menu – to allow ‘treat ourselves’ customers to indulge themselves

• Have a premium spirits champion on duty to advise customers and promote all your offerings

• Use POS material outside your business to advertise your ‘pºremium’ credentials

74% of spirits are drunk with a mixer – a bars most profitable sell


Pole Position Premiums

Johnnie Walker

Red As the only whiskey that can be served as a mixed drink without losing it’s character, Johnnie Walker Red label is the perfect introduction to whisky drinking for new consumers.

Havana Club

The essential ingredient for an authentic tasting Cuban mojito, Havana Club three year old is the lead in to a range of top selling premium rums.

Havana 3YO

Tanqueray Dry Gin

The #1 Zagat rated gin for a gin and tonic, Tanqueray is one of the world most awarded gins, and perfect for drinkers wanting to step up from Gordon’s.



St Patrick’s day, Father’s day, Any day. Jameson’s is the world’s best selling Irish whiskey and an essential behind any bar!

Jameson 700ml Glass

Hendricks Gin

Boasting a 47% growth in 2015 on-trade volume and sales value up 51%, Hendricks Gin with its infusions of Cucumber and Rose have obviously captured drinkers attention.


Distilled in Canada with six rare botanicals from the Canadian Arctic, Ungava is a new player in the Premium spirits arena; it’s unique taste proving attractive to new and seasoned gin drinkers alike.


Chivas Regal

A blend of many different malt and grain Scotch whiskies and matured for at least 12 years, Chivas Regal’s smooth taste has an ever-increasing fan base.


One of the world’s best known vodkas, Absolut have developed a wide range of flavoured vodkas that are perfect for making innovative cocktails that appeal to drinkers of every age.

Absolut 70cl

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

Triple distilled and matured in charred oak bourbon barrels, Capt Morgan Spiced rum has established itself as a leader in the premium category. Perfect for cocktails, or over ice in a classic rum and coke.


With an age range that includes ‘The 12’, ‘The 18’, ‘The 25’, ‘Cigar Malt’ and ‘King Alexander’, there’s a Dalmore whisky for every occasion. Stock the range and let your clients taste the differences.


Ketel One Vodka

Voted #1 by bartenders around the world, small batch Ketel One is Diageo’s top performer in UK on-trade sales and market growth and a favourite for cocktails.

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