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Pre-Christmas clean up

Pre-Christmas Clean Up

Now that summer is behind us, it’s all eyes towards Christmas. Ahead of the busiest time of the year, autumn is the perfect opportunity to make sure your outlet is sparkling clean and inviting, both inside and out, and ready to welcome extra customers as the party season begins.

According to research by CAMRA, over 90% of British adults say that clean toilets and bars are the most important factors when choosing a pub to visit. And it’s not just sales that hygiene can affect – poor hygiene can lead to sickness among staff and customers, fines, forced closures and even prison sentences. So, as the nights draw in, it’s time to make the most of this spell and get your premises ready for everything to hot up again during the festive period.

Deep clean your kitchen
There’s no better place to start your full autumn clean-up than with a deep clean of your kitchen. Use the opportunity to look at how hygienically food is handled, including preparation, cooking, cooling, re-heating and storing. “A clean, tidy looking venue will no doubt have a positive impact on customer perception and where they choose to eat – however looking clean is only half the challenge,” says Paul Feery, commercial director, Wrap Film Systems Ltd. “Food hygiene ratings have become very important to customers and 86% of people now recognise the Food Standards Agency hygiene ratings. Good food and a great atmosphere are no longer enough – operators risk losing customers based purely on their scores.”

Is your ice clean?
Day-to-day housekeeping, regular machine maintenance and personal hygiene are the most important factors when it come to preventing bacteria growth in ice. Operators should take the following advice for clean ice:
• Keep hands clean – staff should always properly wash their hands before and during service
• Keep the machine clean – by following the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. Ensure you empty, clean and sanitise the storage bin on a weekly basis
• Don’t pick up the ice with your hands -always use a scoop/tongs
• If your machine is fitted with an anti-bacterial system, change the anti-bac every month
• Have a maintenance schedule for the components that need regular cleaning because it will help keep your equipment in peak condition

Wage war with legionellaChristmas cleaning checklist
If you are an employer or in control of a premise, when it comes to legionella you need to understand how to:
• identify and assess sources of risk
• manage any risks
• prevent or control any risks
• keep and maintain the correct records
• carry out any other duties you may have
There is plenty of information about this on the Health and Safety Executive website

Toilet hygiene
According to YouGov research, cleanliness and bad toilets are two of the top three reasons that customers would avoid a particular outlet (the other being unfriendly staff). Toilets might not be the first thing a customer sees when they arrive at your establishment, but there’s simply no excuse for them not being clean, pleasant and in full working order. Now is the time for a full audit and deep clean to check everything is ready for your Christmas party goers.

Ban the pests
Christmas may be a time when we want to encourage extra visitors – but don’t let them be the unwelcome kind! For top tips about how to keep critters away at Christmas and any other time of year read the feature on our website

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