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The popularity of cider continues to grow, driven in part by innovations aimed at both craft cider lovers and the 18-30 market. Take Stock looks into some of the latest developments:

Modern Twists

Hot on the heels of their new look and taste Old Rascal cider, Thatchers have launched two entirely new ciders.

Thatchers Somerset Haze is a 4.5%ABV cloudy cider, made with Discovery, Gala, Falstaff and Jonagold apples – aimed at drinkers wanting an authentic sweet cloudy cider taste with lower alcohol content. Billed as the only red apple cider in the category, Thatchers Red has a slightly lower ABV (4%), is made with Jonagold and Katy apples and is aimed at the 18-24 year old market. Marketing support for the on-trade will occur throughout the year and Thatchers have continued their food matching strategy by launching new recipes, including a Pulled Chicken Burger for Haze and a Chicken Tikka Kebab for Red.

Carling British Cider

Since its launch, it has made quite a name for itself, winning Gold in the Cider category of the 2013 International Brewing Awards. Building on this, Carling British Cider launched a Cherry flavoured variety last year and for 2015 have just announced Orchard Fruits – cider with a peach and apricot flavour.

The whole Carling British Cider portfolio – including Orchard Fruit – will be supported this year with a £5m+ advertising campaign, including TV and digital.


Re-launched in 2014, Today’s ownlabel Amberdown Cider continues to give retailers the opportunity to capitalise on the burgeoning cider market, and make a POR of at least 25%. Two varieties are available – Amberdown Dry Amber (5% ABV) in 2 & 3 litre bottles and Amberdown White in 1, 2 & 3 litre bottles at 7.5% ABV.

Stellar Stella 

AB InBev have just announced two new additions to their Stella Artois Cidre range – peach and elderflower. Having seen their Raspberry Cidre attract £7.2m of sales in the 6 months after it’s May 2014 launch, the two new variants directly tap into the demand for fruit ciders – the fastest growing cider category according to IRI research. A Stella spokesman says “Since it’s launch, one million people have purchased Stella Artois Cidre Raspberry, so we’re delighted to bring even more fresh flavours to the market.” According to Turf analysis, both new varieties have ranked in the top most trending flavours for new beverage launches in the UK – so stock up now!

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