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Kebabs are big business. Boost your menu with these Turkish delights packed with flavour and super-healthy too!

Kebab businesses currently contribute more than £2.2billion to the British economy each year. The British Kebab & Retail Awards, founded by the Centre for Turkey Studies, aims to shed light on this established industry and help the foodservice sector and community recognise its potential and the cultural and economic contributions it makes to the UK.

“Dining out is a large part of British culture,” says Ibrahim Dogus founder and director at the Centre for Turkey Studies. “Due to a mixture of economic, social and cultural factors, taking away and eating at ethnically themed restaurants is also on the rise.”

The eating out market is worth £52 billion a year, but this is expected to rise to £65 billion by 2017, according to research from Allegra Strategies. “Kebab is certainly becoming one of the most popular dishes in the country. Having a quality kebab on your menu would make a real difference to your business,” adds Ibrahim. “We are hoping to remove the negative perception of the dish, which is that kebabs are all about late night food – which is not correct. In fact, the majority of kebab businesses in the country stop serving food at 11pm!”


The simple, delicious kebab has been developed by professionals over decades. “We only use the finest ingredients in all of our recipes,” says Deniz Dikgoz from Turkish Delight in Manchester, winner of the best kebab shop of the year 2013 at the British Kebab awards. “We pride ourselves on doing all our own butchery and preparation, from our homemade doner kebab to our homemade vegetarian dishes, assuring that only the best ingredients are used in all of our food.” The family-run restaurant serves traditional Turkish cuisine through to a selection of hot and cold mezes and a range of lamb and chicken dishes including:

  • Kuzu sis kebab – lamb, charcoal grilled with onions and peppers
  • Homemade doner kebab – famous Turkish dish of oven spit roasted lamb
  • Pilic kebab – fillet of chicken breast, charcoal grilled, topped with fried onions and peppers
  • Tavuk kebab – chicken off the bone, rolled and skewered with onions and peppers, charcoal grilled

See these recipes for Turkish Delight Special Chicken  and Imam Bayildi (Stuffed Aubergine).

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