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electrolux professional washer dryer

WASH AND GO – Professional Washer Dryer Review

Combined washer dryers have always been a brilliant idea – put dirty things in, press buttons, remove clean, dry things, job done. But questions over the reliability of single machines which perform such different tasks mean they have previously been viewed a little suspiciously as neither fish nor fowl.

The primary worry was always that one motor cannot take the strain, however that may be a fear from the past with the arrival of a new super washer dryer, the Electrolux professional washer dryer.

The electronics giant has just unveiled what it claims is the world’s first professional washer dryer which offers space saving and efficiency and is able to tackle 14kg or 27kg loads.

The WD4130H is the smaller version and is most likely to suit the pub and restaurant trade, while its big brother the WD4240H is aimed at nursing homes, schools and hospitals.

Both carry the same technology which really could take the stress out of getting stain-free kit ready for the next shift.

The high-spin washer can be used just as a washer at full capacity, or as a washer dryer at half load which means that soiled clothes can simply be plonked in and taken out pristine and dry in 1hour 20mins! Electrolux say it is the robust quality and power of these new models which sets them apart, with stainless steel used in all vital parts plus extra-strong hinges and door locks to cope with heavy-duty daily use.

Important if laundry space is an issue, the smaller version only occupies 1 square metre of floor space and can be stacked if you needed to double-up. A computer degree is thankfully not needed to
operate these beasts, which despite containing microprocessors to manage washing programmes, sense load weights and adjust water use and spin times, are simple to understand and operate.
All the inside cleverness helps cut the energy costs of cleaning and drying with high-speed spins that maximise water removal, which means less expensive heat is needed to finish the whole cycle.
So if all the claims are true, here is one time-saving machine which will save you stress, space and cash – and you won’t need the engineer’s number saved on your phone!

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