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Pump up the volume

Pump up the Volume!

The papers are full of doom and gloom about a possible Prosecco shortage, fuelled by reports of a poor 2014 harvest and soaring demand.

However, the picture won’t be at all clear until later in the year as some experts are predicting a 2015 harvest up 7% on last year and brokers won’t be releasing details of what stocks they’re holding until August.

What is totally clear is that demand for Champagne and sparkling wine continues unabated. The Lanson International Champagne Category Report 2015 found that Champagne and sparkling wine are registering volume growth in the on-trade of 4.9% and 15% respectively.
In the off-trade the figures are even more startling – with sparkling wine increasing by 25% in value and volume in 2014, primarily driven by Prosecco, where volume was up 61% in value. Lanson’s report also gives interesting insights as to what is behind these impressive growth figures.

With Champagne, sales in hotels and restaurants are doing especially well, and wine bar sales are up 37.5% in value over 2014. There are more and more consumers buying Champagne outside of formal occasions, especially where it is available by the glass. It’s also apparent that consumers are opting for brands they know and trust, the top beneficiaries being internationally recognised brands Laurent-Perrier, Moët & Chandon, Perrier-Jouët, Veuve Clicquot and, of course, Lanson.

With sparkling wines, value for money allied to industry innovation, are drivers – something Marcus Hilton of on-trade supplier Prosecco 1754 firmly recognises.

“Having been in the on-trade for years, I know how important it is to offer customers great quality at a competitive price,” says Marcus. “That’s why we started directly importing Prosecco from the Veneto region of Italy, which we now supply to over 200 bars across the UK.

“Dealing directly we can supply our on-trade customers with a 100% Glera grape Prosecco with a delicate, crisp, clean taste at a really competitive price for a 75cl bottle. We’ve also got Frizzante 1754 – our draught sparkling wine in 20 litre non-returnable kegs. Pop the keg into your cellar, connect up with a Celli coupler and pipe straight to the bar top through your existing cooling system. “No empties to get rid of, no half used bottles to go flat and a brilliant tasting wine that gives great profits and makes selling by the glass a doddle.”

So, the message is clear. Don’t stress about the future. Stock up now – the market is fizzing!

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