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Raise the Bar this Christmas

The bar is a busy place at Christmas. Christmas 2015 drove an incremental 762 serves per outlet versus an average month. Customers are also more likely to choose more premium spirits at Christmas too – with the premium share up by 1.9% per person versus the rest of the year. Cocktails, sparkling wines and Champagne also spike at this time of year with people celebrating with a special drink or two.

To take advantage of these trends, make sure your bar is well-stocked and your bartenders are prepped and ready to upsell and pour out more premium serves. Take Stock spoke to Diageo to get some helpful hints to really wow your customers. We are delighted that they have also provided an exclusive cocktail recipe for Christmas and Halewood has provided one for New Year’s Eve.

Christmas tips for bartenders

Smile – Acknowledge your guests with a smile as they arrive at the bar. People will tolerate a much longer wait for service if they feel they’ve been acknowledged and you know they’re waiting! 8/10 customers see service as the most important thing for a bar to improve upon.

Clean as you go – Nothing highlights an unprofessional bartender more than a messy bar! Clean as you go and your bar station will always look neat and tidy no matter how busy you get.

Make recommendations – 1/3 of people visiting a bar are undecided about what they are going to order. Recommend a drink you think they’ll love that you can make quickly and you’ll find them coming back all night. 9/10 customers would buy a drink again if it was served correctly.

Work on your memory – Learning cocktail recipes, so you can make them accurately every time, is an important skill for a bartender. Memorising large drinks orders helps you make them with speed and efficiency, improving your guests experience and the amount of money in the till and tip jar at the end of the night.

Legal age – If in doubt, always ask for ID. You’re responsible for the customers you serve.

Glassware – A critical element of any cocktail or mixed drink, glassware has a huge impact on your guests perception of quality. All other things being equal, the higher the quality of the glassware the better the perception of the quality of the finished drink, even when the ingredients are identical. Regardless of what glassware you’re using, there are certain principles you should always apply; check your glass is cold, clean and free from any damage; only ever handle the glass by the bottom third, thereby ensuring that your hands will never come into contact with the portion of the glass your guest will drink from and, whenever possible, always serve your finished drink with the glass placed on a bar napkin – to catch any condensation and allow your guest to wipe up any accidental spillages.

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