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Ready for RTDs?

Ready for RTDs?

The Ready to Drink (RTD) scene has changed a lot in recent years. Gone is the once massive demand for alcopops, replaced by consumers looking for more sophisticated offerings. Take Stock talked to Diageo to get its slant on what’s hot in the world of RTDs…

What RTD trends will drive sales this year?
We’re definitely seeing an ongoing trend for pre-mixed drinks, which are currently growing faster than beer, wine and cider in impulse, seeing a steady increase in sales of 14%. This trend is being driven by cash rich, time poor consumers looking for new and exciting drinks that can be enjoyed at casual-get-togethers and parties.

There’s lots of brand innovation in this space – for instance the Diageo RTD product range now includes Gordon’s Gin & Tonic, Smirnoff & Cola, Gordon’s Gin & Diet Tonic, Captain Morgan Spiced & Cola, Smirnoff & Cranberry and finally, Pimm’s No1 & Lemonade.

And RTDs can benefit the on trade too – as they are the perfect solution for customers wanting a cocktail in an outlet that wouldn’t normally mix a bespoke drink. Simple to stock,simple to serve and a top quality drink to keep customers happy. They’re easy to run promotions on too – so, for example, offer a combo deal of a pint and a RTD. So, with the importance of pre-mixes firmly established, here’s what you need to know…

Must stock brands in the RTD sub-category The classic combinations are the most popular in the RTD category, with Gin & Tonic being the best-selling variant, followed closely by

Pimm’s & Lemonade and Rum & Coke. As in the cocktail scene, the gin category continues to thrive, but it’s clear that craft and heritage brands are becoming increasingly important to consumer decisions. For that reason, ‘spiders’ and Pimm’s based drinks are also very popular.

Promoting your RTD range
• Have a clearly visible display of RTDs in your fridges and double face your most popular sellers.
• Keep an eye out for new flavours and combinations, as consumers love to be the first to tweet out about something new they’ve found. The new Disaronno Sour Premix is a great example of the kind of innovative premixes consumers are looking for.
• Put POS on tables, in drinks menus and on blackboards to publicise your range.
• Run ‘specials’ – offers like all RTDs at £2 before 7pm, or 4-4-3 deals, gets customers in and spending.
• RTDs work brilliantly as part of an ice bucket deal, enabling customers to serve themselves where they’re seated. Perfect for when watching sport for example.
• Use social media, outside signage and your website to promote all offers.
• Look at linking RTDs to your food offerings.

Gordon’s Gin & Tonic
Smirnoff & Cola
Gordon’s Gin & Diet Tonic
Captain Morgan Spiced & Cola
Smirnoff & Cranberry
Pimm’s No1 & Lemonade
Jack Daniel’s & Cola
Tails Premixed Cocktails
Bailey’s Iced Coffee
Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Bacardi Breezer

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