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Malaysian Beef Curry

Serves: 10
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  • 100g Thai red curry paste
  • 30g Maggi Asian Fonds
  • 1.750kg Lean Beef stewing steak
  • 150g Peanut butter
  • 300g Maggi Rich and Rustic Tomato Sauce
  • 375ml Maggi Coconut Milk – Water 250ml, Powder 125g
  • 12g Dark brown sugar
  • 25ml Sunflower oil
  • Maggi Beef Fonds – water 350ml, beef fonds 20g
  • 75g Sliced Spring onion
  • 10ml Lime juice
  • Fish sauce – to season (optional)
Calories per serving: 491


  1. Trim the excess fat off the beef and dice into 3cm, and preheat the oven to 190⁰C/375⁰C/Gas 5.
  2. Put the peanut butter, tomato sauce, coconut milk, sugar into the blender to achieve a puree. Heat the oil, stir fry the curry paste for about 1 minute, add the meat and fry for 5 minutes, add the beef stock, puree then transfer to a casserole pot. Put the lid on and into the oven.
  3. After 1 hour inspect and stir, it should start to dry up. It will be reasonably thick and dry now so add enough water to keep it mobile after a further 30 minutes stir in the lime juice.
  4. Remove the pot after a further 10 minutes, it has now had 1 hour and 50 minutes and the meat should be tender.
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