Schwartz September 2019

Pulled Pork with Sweet Slaw

Carl Denning from Market Wraps, Leeds 
Serves: 8
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  • 5kg quality pork shoulder, boned (ideally get the pork seperate to the rolled fat)
  • Flatbreads
  • Sweet slaw - 3 carrot, 1 large onion, 1 red cabbage, mayo (half of a jar), 2 tbsp sugar, pinch fennel seeds


  1. Smoke the shoulder for 2 hours – if you don’t have a smoker, buy some smoke liquid and inject or spray a small amount (4 squirts of liquid smoke, or rub a tablespoon) into the meat
  2. Massage the rub into the meat, score the pork skin about 1cm deep all over with a sharp knife, wrap in heatproof cling film and leave overnight

  3. The next day place the meat (still in cling flim) onto an oven tray, with half an inch of water, and cover in foil. Cook at 120ºC for 8 hours (or until ready)
  4. Leave to cool and then pull the meat
  5. When ready to eat, heat in a dry non- stick pan and add some of the rub for extra taste
    Put a handful of pork in a flatbread and serve with a nice sweet slaw and BBQ sauce on the side
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