Kuehne June 2019

Sausage Rigatoni Bake

Serves: 6
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  • Traditional pork sausages (or flavoured if preferred) 400g skins removed
  • Oil 1 tsp
  • Onion 1 diced
  • Carrots 3 diced
  • Tomato purée 2 tsp
  • Vegetable stock 300ml
  • Rigatoni 500g
  • Fresh spinach 200g
  • Cheddar cheese 140g grated
  • Butter 50g
  • Flour 50g
  • Milk 500ml
  • Seasoning to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 180˚C/gas mark 4
  2. Heat oil in a non-stick pan, add sausage meat and cook for 1 minute until it starts to colour. Add onion and cook for 2-3 minutes, followed by diced carrots, tomato purée and stock
  3. Cook over medium heat for about 15 minutes until stock has reduced. Season if required
  4. For the white sauce, melt the butter before adding flour. Once incorporated add the milk a little at a time, while whisking. Season to taste

  5. Boil rigatoni and when al dente, add spinach and drain immediately
  6. Place half the pasta into an ovenproof dish and pour over the sausage mixture
  7. Top with rest of the pasta and pour white sauce over. Sprinkle the cheese on top and bake for 20-25 minutes
  8. To serve -  portion and serve with a leafy green side salad
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