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Recruitment Shake Up

If you feel your workforce needs a new year shake up, January is the perfect time to start. 

“The New Year is typically when people re-evaluate their careers and look for new opportunities,” said Paul Mannering, principal of the HIT Chef Academy, the specialist hospitality training provider. “In January 2015, 37% of the population considered changing jobs and this figure is increasing year-on-year. And it’s not just individuals; many foodservice operators also reflect on their business in January, and look to make new appointments  and strengthen their offering.” 

In-house training

After a gruelling Christmas most employees will be shattered, and some, disillusioned. Encouragement and training will not only lift their spirits but in the long term benefit you from a stronger, progressive work force. Plus, if you put the time and energy in to train them, they are more likely to stay loyal and stay put. “By investing in staff training, business owners will not only experience a more motivated and efficient workforce, it will also help to retain high-quality staff, with research finding that 41% of employees are more likely to leave a position within a year if they do not receive training,” adds Paul.

Academy training

Whether you’ve got a new chef starting or an experienced one who is wanting more skills the HIT Chef Academy offers this opportunity. Full-time apprenticeships and daily workshops are available so the individual can learn or enhance their skills on a time-scale that suits them – and you.

Use social media

These days most people have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. Social media is a good way to check out a potential employee; it is an access to see their creativity through posts of their dishes or drinks they’ve created – without them knowing. It also gives you a sense of the person and you can check if their posts are controversial or damaging – something that could backfire on your business if you employed them. Social media is a great avenue to show off your business. Images of your dishes, positive tweets about the workplace, your menu or awards you or your staff have achieved should all be shouted about. Loyal and proud staff is an excellent trait – and good for recruitment.

Choose right

Whether you’re looking for a pub manager or a sous chef there are so many other qualities necessary than just a skillset. According to the latest Labour Market Statistics there are now almost 420,000 more people in work than a year ago. This is great news for employees but means for employers the pool of potential candidates is smaller. RecruitMyBuddy believes that recruitment based on personality fit and peer referral will result in a more satisfied and effective workforce in the long-run. “We want employers to pay more attention to the personality fit of prospective employees and we want to encourage those seeking work to really take the time to find the right role for them,” explains Marc Wareing, director at “Recruitment is set to become a lot more collaborative in 2016, with professional peers helping each other out and employers working with current staff to find the perfect team mates for them. As anyone in any industry will know, a collaborative workflow is a more efficient workflow and by prioritising quality over quantity, employers will spend a lot less time wading through thousands of ill-suited CVs and focus more on asking for referrals from trusted sources”.

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