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Add a unique touch to your summer dessert menu with exotic Rosewater flavoured ice cream from the Zafran Food Company.

After the success of the company’s original Saffron and Rosewater flavour, the ice cream makers are offering Rosewater as a lighter dessert option, or standalone flavour. With the demand for Persian food growing, Zafran believes there is a gap in the market for it to fill.

Rose water has been used as a flavouring for centuries. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it has many health benefits. Zafran’s Rosewater ice cream is created using an authentic Persian recipe and is being made here in Britain by New Forest Ice Cream.

The creamy flavour goes well with spicy fruits or chocolate, and topped with crushed nuts. Its palette cleansing properties make it the perfect end to a heavy or spicy meal.

Rosewater ice cream is milk-based and made from all natural ingredients with no eggs or egg by products. It is available in 4 litre tubs for £24 and can be purchased directly from the Zafran Food Company.

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