premier-mcdougal 5/2/20

Seafood Specialities

Classic Cuisine has launched a selection of meals that focus on tasty and luxurious seafood dishes. The experts in ready meals, based in Northampton, said its latest range has returned to nostalgic dishes that are becoming popular. Mark Dean, sales director at Classic Cuisine says, “At Classic Cuisine we are always adapting and changing the way we present our seafood and fish dishes.

Seafood options are vital for health conscious customers and having a variety of seafood dishes to choose from that are healthy, cost effective and appetising should be a priority for the foodservice industry. Classic Cuisine always ensures it uses quality ingredients to create light and delectable meals that still have a luxurious taste.” The range includes a crab tart with fire-roasted peppers encased in a crisp polenta pastry, a smoked salmon roulade with cheese and a light and zesty spinach and lemon sponge, and a smoked salmon and asparagus quiche encased in a light and crumbly granary and dill pastry.

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