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Seasonal Cheese? Get on Board?

Seasonal Cheese? Get on Board!

Like fruit and vegetables, cheese is seasonal, so you should adapt your menu to suit customer requirements throughout the year. Think…

SaladsCheese Factoids
• Blue cheese with walnut and avocado
• A French Bistro – hard cheese (a tasty cheddar) with thick cooked ham
• Goat’s cheese with raw beetroot
• Shropshire Blue, orange and spinach
• British Brie, new potatoes, fine green beans, olives (served warm)

• Sliced ripe Camembert with sliced tomato, rocket or basil drizzled with French dressing on a baguette
• Goat’s cheese with roasted vegetables and sweet chilli jam on malted seeded bread
• Wensleydale cheese, rocket and mayonnaise on a ciabatta

• Greek feta with fresh garden peas and fresh mint livens up a quiche or use it to make a pastry-free frittata.
• A traditional Ploughman’s is served with mature cheddar, so swap this for a tangy Wensleydale or Lancashire. Or for a complete spin, make the dish a Mediterranean version and use buffalo mozzarella, ciabatta bread, continental meats and mostarda fruits.
• Three cheeses work well for a cheese board; a blue or goat’s, soft and creamy Camembert or Brie and the popular hard cheese Manchego. Liven it up with unusual garnishes such as olives, pickled walnuts or gherkins. Dried fruit works well too.

Cheese and wine pairings

Cheddar                                       Cabernet Sauvignon
Wensleydale                                Sauvignon Blanc or New World
Camembert                                 Champagne or White Burgundy
Feta                                               Beaujolais
Blue cheese                                  Sauternes or Riesling
Goat’s cheese                               Chenin Blanc or Sancerre

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