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Seasonal Sarnies

There’s a subtle art to cramming festive flavours into a sandwich, wrap or roll. However, it doesn’t have to be turkey to be a winner!

“People know what they like and stick with it. And that tends to be the Christmas dinner in a sandwich,” said Darren Chapman, Nestle Professional development chef. “Over-complicating it could scare customers away, so stick to the classic combinations with a slight twist on the bread or sauce inside.”

Winning sarnies
• Turkey & cranberry
• Roast beef & horseradish
• Cranberry & brie
• Turkey, bacon, chutney & stuffing
• Butternut squash, crispy onions, festive nut pesto, spicy rocket, yoghurt dressing
• Wensleydale & carrot chutney
• Prawn cocktail

Mix it up
For those customers who want to spice up their festive sarnie and experiment with something other than the white or brown slice, try the following:
• Focaccia
• Cranberry ciabatta
• Baguette
• Brioche bun
• Seeded bloomer
• Wrap
• Malted bread

Make it memorable
Where possible, serve a sandwich that your customers will remember. “The best thing about a sandwich is that there are no boundaries so basically you can be really creative and put anything between or on bread,” says Charlie Gilpin, owner of Project Sandwich. “Don’t be afraid to experiment with flavours, but always use the best ingredients – and make sure the bread is fresh.” Project Sandwich makes all of its sandwiches fresh to order and serves them warm. “Why not serve a turkey and stuffing sandwich warm with a bowl of gravy on the side for dipping? We do it and our customers love it!”

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