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Sleaford Quality Foods Launch Sugar Free Desserts

Diabetes cases are expected to rise by 700,000 people by the end of decade, a healthy balanced diet low in sugar and fat can help prevent and control this.

The number of people with diabetes in Britain is expected to rise by 700,000 by the end of the decade, according to a new analysis by Diabetes UK.  The analysis shows that 4.4 million people in England, Scotland and Wales are projected to have the condition by 2020. This would be an increase of almost a fifth.

Diabetes UK states that making sensible food choices and adapting eating habits will help manage diabetes.  People with diabetes are recommended to follow the same healthy balanced diet that is recommended for the rest of the population, no special foods or shops are required.

The diet for diabetes is not a sugar free one, some sugar can still be included. People should aim to have less than four portions of fatty and sugary foods per day.  Sugar can be used in foods and in baking as part of a healthy diet. Using sugar-free, no added sugar or diet fizzy drinks/squashes instead of sugary versions can be an easy way to reduce the sugar in your diet.

As part of the recent re-brand and re-launch of their Chef William product range for the Foodservice sector, Sleaford Quality Foods have added Sugar Free Jelly Crystals and Low Sugar Mousses to their dessert category.  Sugar Free Jelly crystals are available in Strawberry and Raspberry flavours and Low Sugar Mousses are available in Strawberry and Chocolate, all in 1kg bags.  The range is proving to be extremely popular amongst the large number of care homes located throughout the UK.

In addition to a full dessert range, Chef William also bring you a wide range of herbs, spices & seasonings, soups, gravies and bouillons, rice pasta and couscous, canned fruit and vegetables and much more.  The full range can be found at


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