Cracker Pack 2019

Snack Attack!

Having a range of bar snacks is vital, not least because over 50% of customers will buy them to accompany their drink. However, having just a basic range of crisps and nuts on offer will no longer keep your descerning customers happy.

Customer demands have changed. When drinking or eating out of home they want to be challenged and entertained. There’s a constant thirst for new experiences and tastes – and if you want to maximise the revenue opportunity snacks offer, you must cater for that demand.

You also should consider that your customers are becoming more and more health conscious. Ticking every box is not an easy task.

Healthy snacking
Customers can now enjoy their drink of choice with a sin-free snack. For example, 37 of KP’s snack products are under 100 calories. “At KP we believe snacks can be enjoyed as a part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle,” says Matt Collins, trading director at KP. “But alongside the health element, a great taste is critical – it’s the number one driver for 51% of customers.”

At under 100 calories per serving, Popchips are a new and innovative product that have become the fastest growing bagged snack brand. Rated as the number one ‘Better for You’ bagged snack brand in the handypack format*, they are perfect for sharing.

Pork scratchings, dubbed a ‘superfood’, contain two-thirds of good fats! They also have a high protein content so tick the box for those customers following a low carb diet.

Premium snacks
Serving high end snacks enables you to charge a higher price, and the customer feels that they’re choosing a more premium product. Tyrrell’s Poshcorn is a premium popcorn created using the finest, gold standard corn and popped into delicious, fluffy, butterfly-shaped morsels. Gluten free and vegan friendly, they’re perfect for all consumers.

Cost effective snacks
Waste is a concern for most businesses these days, so it is important to ensure that the snacks you buy – and serve – don’t add to your waste issues. Tyrrell’s 600g food service tubs are perfect for portion control and reduce waste because they come in a convenient resealable tub.

Raise your game
“We’ve seen the whole snacking sector really upping its game in recent times, pork scratchings and pork snacks being a great example,” says Matthew Smith, marketing director at Tayto, whose pork brands have grown over the past five years. Such snacks have a universal appeal. According to Shopper Research, as many women as men now eat pork scratchings; they’re loved by old and young alike and more affluent shoppers are driving demand.

Get the flavour
According to Tayto, crisps are still the go-to snack for drinkers, so their appeal shouldn’t be overlooked. “Getting a good range of flavours is vital and from our experience the nation’s favourite flavours are ready salted, cheese and onion and salt and vinegar, followed by sweet chilli and beef/steak flavours,” adds Matthew Smith. Three quarters of over 2,500 Craft Gin Club subscribers agreed that REAL Handcooked Strong Cheese & Onion are the best or better than most in the category. Flavours such as Ham & English Mustard, Roast Ox, Jalapeno, Oak Smoked BBQ and Steak & Ale pack a punch and will help ignite and interest crisp-loving customers.

Push your snacks by:
• Stocking snacks that aren’t in the supermarket – customers appreciate uniqueness
• Display is key – use the POS materials from brands
• Putting hanging cards and clip strips at eye level
• Offering drink and snack combos
• Have guest snacks to test your customers’ interest
• Offering a range of pack sizes to cater for singles, couples and groups
• Provide entry level snacks and premium options too
• Trying something different – wasabi peas, beef jerky and chocolate rice cakes are all generating interest at the moment
• Don’t ignore traditional snacks – pickled and scotch eggs can now be enjoyed with a myriad of flavour twists, from marmalade and ginger to scotch bonnet

Hot stuff!
Looking for something different for your hot snacks menu? Try Japas!
These are Japanese style tapas dishes that include mini pancakes with prawn; spring rolls; teriyaki skewers and karaage tacos. Check out dude-food and be inspired!

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