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Snack Attack

Snack Attack

For many, May signifies the start of summer. Nights are lighter and warmer, bank holidays allow for long, lazy weekends, and licensed premises are filling with customers wanting to enjoy themselves in the sunshine, with friends and family.

In anticipation of this, your cellars will doubtless be well stocked with all of the wines, beers, ciders, spirits and mixers your customers will demand. But have you got your snack offering sorted?Snacking is a significant area for adding revenue, and with a little effort it can be another way to stand out from the competition and charge a premium whilst doing so.

What to stock…

Core range
Everyone has a favourite savoury snack, so make sure you have a wide range of same goes for nuts – ready salted and dry roast are essential, but stock up on flavoured ones too. And don’t forget to add some fruit and nut, and seed mixes for healthy eaters. Tom Kerridge has recently been quoted as saying that popcorn and pork scratchings contain fats and fibre that are good for us, so demand for these snacks are at an all time high. Get them on your shopping list too!

Pack sizes
Provide your customers with a good range. Smaller bags are perfect for kids and those watching the calories; sharing bags are a must for couples and groups.

Flavour rocks!
Experimentation is the order of the day, so stock varieties that really tickle the taste buds. Things like chilli peanuts, jalapeño pepper flavoured crisps and sour cream and chive pretzels can be a real talking point, and quenching the fire created by some of the more extreme flavours can only be good for wet sales!

Gluten free
With an increase in the number of people who want to eat gluten free – ensure you’ve something to offer them. KP’s O’Donnells crisps are a premium snack that enables you to cover the gluten-free base in style.

Drinkers are opting for premium drinks, so capitalise on this by offering premium snacks. Carton pack snacks, ridged and deli style potato chips are an upmarket option and really complement a cocktail or good glass of wine. Cater for clients who are prepared to push the boat out for something special.

Beer, cider and whisky flights are commonplace nowadays. So, why not offer a snacking flight? Putting a selection of different snacks into bowls on a tray not only allows you to replenish from larger bags, but allows you to charge a premium. Create a list of snack options and let customers pick their own combinations. You can feed hungry customers when your kitchen’s closed – with little staff training required – and the sharing experience will keep customers coming back for more.

Display and marketing
Research by Him! indicates that by simply making crisps, snacks and nuts more visible, you can increase sales by up to 8%, so show and tell the world what you’ve got. Dedicate a blackboard to your snack varieties. Have guest flavours. Offer deals – a sharing pack plus two single bags at a discounted price provides the kids with a pack each whilst mum and dad get to share. And lastly, get some help. Talk to your supplier and take advantage of the POS and advice that’s out there. Look online too – initiatives like KP’s Perfect Pub are great resources for helping you get your snacking offer right!


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