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Snacking success

Snacking Success

Snack sales can have a major impact on your bottom line, be that through direct sales or as part of a value add proposition. However, with over 600 types of bagged snacks currently available in the UK market, it can be tough deciding what to stock and how best to then maximise sales.

Core range
Everyone has a favourite flavour of crisp, so make sure you have all of the traditional tastes available. The same goes for nuts – ready salted and dry roasted are essentials you ignore at your peril, as are quality pork scratchings.

Pack sizes
You know your clientele, so buy accordingly. Lots of families with
youngsters coming in? Make sure you’ve got a selection of single bags as asking children to share a pack is often a recipe for arguments. Couples and older families? Larger pack sizes have real appeal here.

Be adventurous
People like to experiment, so offer them something different! Jalapeno Pepper flavoured crisps? Chilli peanuts? Sour Cream & Chive pretzels? Marmite flavour? There’s a huge range out there, so get some whacky alternatives in!

Up-market offerings
If you’re selling premium drinks, offer premium snacks. Deli-style potato chips and carton packed snacks are a classy way to snack whilst enjoying a nice glass of wine. Cater for clients who are prepared to push the boat out for something special.

Gluten free
There are so many people out there who want to eat gluten-free – so make sure you’ve got something to offer them. KP’s O’Donnells crisps are a premium snack that enables you to cover the gluten-free
base in style.

Display and marketing
On average, 50% of customers look to buy a bagged snack when visiting a pub or bar, but so often what’s available is hidden away. Research by Him! shows that by simply making crisps, snacks and nuts more visible, you can lift sales by up to 8%.

So show the world what you’ve got.
Dedicate a blackboard to your snack varieties. Have guest flavours. Offer deals – a sharing pack plus two single bags at a discounted price lets the kids have a pack each whilst mum and dad get some
peace and quiet. And lastly, get some help. Talk to your supplier and take advantage of the marketing tools and advice that’s out there. They care about your snacking success.

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