Kuehne June 2019

Spice up your Christmas

Why not think outside the box and offer something a little different on your festive menu this Christmas? Not only will it impress customers and inspire them to return post festivities, it may give you the opportunity to charge a premium price too.

Be adventurous

Not all vegetarians and vegans want nut roast, so why not be adventurous and offer an alternative Christmas dish? “Chefs have such an amazing opportunity to be more creative now with the ever increasing vegan and vegetarian population,” said chef Anjula Devi. “One of the amazing main course dishes we offer as an alternative are our cauliflower koftas. We take our original recipe and incorporate cranberries and chestnuts into the recipe, then create a sauce full of Christmas spices like cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg.”

Be on-trend

Caribbean cuisine and street food have taken off in the UK in the last couple of years and are rapidly growing in popularity. Dishes feature bold flavours, fresh ingredients, seasoning and spices like ginger, allspice, jerk mixes, cinnamon, and sage. Classics include jerk chicken, curried goat, fried plantain and rice ‘n’ peas. Rum is a natural accompaniment to Caribbean food and is predicted to
be the ‘next big thing’ in spirit sales, together with Caribbean soft drinks favourites, Ting and Old Jamaica ginger beer, the leading ginger beer brand. Why not give your festive menu an on-trend Caribbean vibe by jazzing up your ham with Old Jamaica ginger beer?

Turkey twists

Everyone loves turkey at Christmas but there is nothing wrong with mixing up how you serve it. Give it an oriental flavour by adding star anise, cinnamon and ginger then baste with Kung Po Sauce for an unusual and different Christmas experience. And use glutinous (sticky) rice or jasmine rice for your stuffing as an alternative to the norm. Alternatively try something completely different and serve turkey kebabs instead of a roast as suggested by chef Anjula Devi.

See recipes: Old Jamaica Jerk Ham, Kung Po Turkey with Oriental Stuffing and Christmas Roast Cauliflower.

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