Schwartz September 2019
spring foraging

Spring Foraging

Now the days are drawing out, it’s time to literally spring into action.

Spring is the start of the wild food and foraging year. Why not celebrate the season and all nature has to offer with a walk in the woods to gather wild garlic. On the way, pick some dandelion leaves. Both plants grow in abundance across much of the country and are coming into first flower about now. Although commonplace, they can add something truly special to your cooking. Just check out the delicious recipes below.

Wild Garlic Pesto

Wild garlic (ramsons) is easily identifiable. It carpets woodlands a lush green and emits a distinctive garlicky smell. It tastes much like regular garlic but has a milder flavour than cultivated cloves. Its leaves and delicate white spring flowers can be used to spice up a winter salad or stir-fry and to flavour stews and soups. Its numerous health benefits include helping to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

For a wild garlic pesto recipe click the link.

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