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Stacks of Profit

Dust off your frying pans and get creative with your toppings this Shrove Tuesday.

Pancake Day, on 25 February, is a day of indulgence which everyone loves to get involved with. French or American, savoury or sweet, make sure you flip some profits with a pancake treat.

What to serve
One of the best things about serving pancakes is that they can be eaten at any time of the day! Fry up some sales by trading in on their popularity and have a pancake for each meal occasion, and to suit the tastes of any customers.

Breakfast – American pancakes with syrup and blueberries or potato pancakes with bacon and eggs
Lunch & dinner – cheese and smoked ham pancakes or pancake cannelloni
Dessert – crêpe brochettes with chocolate spread and fruit or pancakes with lemon sauce

Boozy pancakes
A fun treat for adults and a chance to create an upsell opportunity on your dessert menu. Here are some suggestions:

Gin & tonic – add gin and tonic to the batter mix and the syrup and pour over the finished pancakes
Baileys and Nutella – stack the pancakes with a layer of Nutella and top with whipped up Baileys cream
Espresso martini – stack American-style pancakes with Kahlua cream and top with rich chocolate, espresso and vodka sauce
Prosecco – add Prosecco into the pancake batter or make a Prosecco-flavoured syrup

Don’t forget the different diet of your customers…
Gluten free – use gluten-free plain flour
Vegan – use all-purpose flour, almond or soy milk and coconut oil
Dairy free – use coconut milk and sunflower or rice bran oil, for frying

View recipes: Maple & Bacon Pancake Skewers and Pancakes with Lemon Sauce

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