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Star Puds

For many establishments, dessert will be the grand finale of a festive menu, so make yours so memorable it stands out from the busy Christmas crowd.

A twist on tradition

According to Premier Foods Christmas Party Guide, 70% (of those asked) like to see traditional, festive desserts such as mince pies or Christmas pudding on the menu. Add some star appeal by giving traditional ingredients a little twist. Try mince slices instead of the usual pies, or serve a Christmas pudding in a panna cotta mix the way Rory Lovie, head chef at Bridgeview Station in Dundee does. “It’s still a rich dessert, with the same taste, but presented in a different way – and our customers love it!”  

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Tasty alternatives

To cater for your audience make sure you include a few tasty alternatives to the traditional puds.

•A decadent chocolate sauce is perfect for dipping and dunking doughnuts or fresh fruit, and would make a fun sharing dessert this Christmas, suiting most ages.

•A prune and Armagnac pudding served with caramel sauce or custard is a great alternative to the traditional Christmas pudding – especially when time is tight. “Buy the ingredients, follow the recipe and serve – no waiting around for it to steep and no major skill levels required,” says Said Hemamou, head chef at The Royal Adelaide Hotel in Windsor.

•A super sundae presented in a serving glass creates an eye-catching, delicious dessert – and cleverly uses up any leftovers. Mix cooked Christmas pudding and cranberry sauce with ice cream, whipped cream, after dinner chocolates and a splash of Irish cream or brandy. It looks impressive and can be prepared in advance and kept in the freezer.

•Serve up a Christmas version of the British retro Queen of Puddings, by replacing summer fruits with cranberries, the vanilla baked custard with a zesty orange and the traditional bread crumbs with ginger cake, for a real seasonal flavour.

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