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More, more, more – how do you like it?

Just a classic 70’s disco anthem, or an accurate reflection of the relationship between the food industry and the demanding consumer society you find yourself catering to today?

But how do you satisfy a consumer market with a low attention span, high boredom threshold and an appetite for ‘more’?

Russian Steakhouse group, Goodman restaurants seem to have found the trick: give them something they don’t even know they want.

After the success of their London based chain Burger and Lobster, the group are preparing to launch their new concept this November: steak and crab, their new meat and seafood restaurant. The establishment will offer premium steaks and live Russian Crab alongside a selection of fine wines -a winning combination that very few consumers would naturally choose. Or have ever even thought about. This new concept is certainly bound to achieve something crucial; intrigue.

Intrigue has become one of the most vital ingredients needed in any new concept or business venture you decide to embark on. It will ensure old customers remain interested and loyal and will hopefully draw in new consumers. And who wouldn’t want that?

Crab is fast becoming a new favourite on the menu, with American company Blue Star introducing its blue crab meat in Europe over the last few years. Not only does the crab meat hold numerous nutritional values that will appeal to a wide range of diners, it also sparks intrigue due to it being, well, blue. Our recent article, Blue Star Crab explores the benefits of crab meat further, and features a recipe for delicious crab risotto.

Both Blue Star and Goodman restaurants are pioneering the concept of continuous development and new concepts respectively. And so in tribute to the notion of re-invention, innovation and satisfying demand, perhaps today it is more a case of: ‘ooh, how do you like your ‘steak and crab’, love?’

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