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Stock Up!

Stocks are a key part of the kitchen. They give depth, richness and taste to many savoury dishes and are one of the most important assets chefs have at their disposal.

The French word for stock is ‘fond’ meaning foundation, a true testament to just how important these flavoured liquids are to good cooking. But in today’s busy kitchens producing stocks and sauces
from scratch can be both time consuming and cost-prohibitive, making it an unrealistic choice for most.

Ready-made stocks, gravies and sauces provide caterers with confidence and peace of mind that their dishes will always shine, as well as saving them lots of time. “The reality is that ready-made stocks and
sauces are commonplace in today’s kitchens; they are quick and easy to use and provide chefs with peace of mind they’ll deliver a consistent quality every time,” comments Susan Gregory, head of food at Nestlé Professional. “There’s a cost implication to consider too. Generally speaking, pre-prepared products tend to be significantly cheaper than scratch made.”

The benefits

Stocks and sauces can be used as a base for your own creations within almost any current food trend.

What is a stock?

Building blocks of the kitchen, traditional stocks are liquids formed by extracting flavours, nutrients and salts during the cooking process from bones, vegetables and herbs. Clear in appearance, classic stocks have a delicate flavour and are clear of grease. Typical stocks include meat stock such as white beef stock, brown beef stock and chicken stock together with vegetable stock and fish stock.

Go natural

CHEF 100% Natural Fonds are made from bones, vegetables and herbs. With a high bones per litre content, the stocks help chefs achieve the same quality and consistency every time, ensuring that each signature dish is never compromised.

Growing market

Mintel has noted that stocks are far more popular now. Whether made properly from bones or from jellies, pastes or powders, stocks have seen a 51% market increase in the past five years and 10% in the past year alone. The result has been a massive decline in the gravy market. Says Mintel Analyst Alex Beckett, “stocks have benefited from an increase in variety of formats such as jelly and liquid, as well as a robust interest from scratch cooking.”

Types of stock

  • White stock
  • Brown Stock
  • Fish Stock
  • Vegetable Stock
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