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Straight Drinking

Straight Drinking

The adult soft drinks sector is growing.

Consumers spend £27.5bn on drinks when socialising. 15% of sales can be attributed to soft drinks, according to research by CGA and a survey by the Office of National Statistics revealed one in five adults are now teetotal. Thanks to health conscious consumers, a growing aging population, sober social occasions and changing tastes, there now is a big opportunity to boost sales with your straight drinking selection.

Reasons for straight drinking
– A culture of health among 35+
– More people conscious of calories
– Consumers looking for inspiring drinks outside flavoured carbs
– An aging population, with changing tastes
– Social occasions not all revolving around alcohol

What to order

Pepsi Max – the no-sugar cola meets the needs of those looking for less sugar and a great taste and is ideal with food or as a mixer. Available in 300ml and 200ml, the new bottle is a dynamic glass design inspired by its heritage.

7Up Free – a great refreshing taste and no sugar, it’s available in a heritage style 300ml glass bottle. Premium, yet informal, it is designed to target females within a food focused environment.

Coca-Cola Life – a third less sugar and a third fewer calories than regular cola, it is sweetened with a blend of sugar and naturally-sourced stevia leaf extract. Targeted at 35-55 year olds, it is
available in glass contour bottles with green branding.

Lipton – the refreshing blend of tea extract and fruit juice offers consumers something a bit different. Launched with 33% less sugar and a new glass bottle in peach, it’s the perfect partner for a meal
or on its own.

V Water – a sugar-free choice with no artificial sweeteners, colours, flavourings or preservatives it contains added vitamins. It is sweetened with naturally sourced stevia, a plant leaf extract. Targets 25-35 year old females who are looking for a tasty alternative to water.

Purdey’s – a unique blend of botanical extracts with vitamins, spring water and fruit juice it’s delicious and caffeine-free. The brown glass bottle wrapped in silver foil is aimed at 30-40 year olds.

J2O Spritz – targeted at 25-35 year olds who are looking for something a bit different and are prepared to pay for it. More sophisticated and lighter in taste than the core J2O range, it will be
available in 275ml bottles and in Pear & Raspberry, Apple & Watermelon and Peach & Apricot and is designed to be served chilled in a Champagne flute.

Schweppes – two new low-calorie flavours have been launched, aimed at a ‘new generation’ of consumers aged 35 and above. Grapefruit & Blood Orange and Lemon & Elderflower contain 20
calories per 100ml, making them one of the lowest calorie drinks in their category.

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