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Stuffing and Sauces

Christmas gravy factoids - Take Stock magazineStuffing and sauces are essential for a Christmas feast. They are the finishing touches that bring some magic to the table. Here’s how to make yours sparkle…

Glorious gravy
“The quality and amount of gravy is crucial to the enjoyment of the Christmas dinner,” said Darren Chapman, Nestlé Professional business development chef. “Depending on the meat you are serving it’s best to make a great base gravy first, which you can then tweak by adding meat juices or sauces, such as cranberry or horseradish, to suit your meat.”

Here’s how to make your Xmas gravy great:
• The caramelised juices left behind by the turkey make the perfect base for the gravy. Add Madeira, one tbsp of plain flour and quality stock to make the gravy rich and delicious – Steve Smith, head chef at Bohemia, Jersey
• Use a brown chicken stock and beef stock and allow 24 hours to prepare. Add the juices of the roast, a little hot water plus a glass of port or sherry, whisk and strain. Leave in the fat to make it a jus gras – Ronald Robson, executive head chef at the Glasshouse, Newcastle upon Tyne
• Combine turkey juices with Bisto Gravy Granules and add your own flavours such as citrus, herbs, wine or brandy – Mark Rigby, executive chef at Premier Foods
• A light, clear and delicate jus makes a change from heavy, thick, flour gravy. Roast your bones until they are nice and golden brown, then cook them in water with vegetables, tomato purée and herbs for seven hours on a very, very low simmer – don’t let them boil. Delicately reduce it to the right consistency and season with a little bit of acid to make it bright. Infuse it with delicate herbs at the last minute – Greg Marchand, Founder of Frenchie Covent Garden, London

Super stuffing
“Christmas stuffing should be over the top and has to explode with flavour,” said Ronald Robson. “I put cranberries in mine. Start with some onions and garlic and sweat that down with some sage, add some of the very best quality sausage meat that you can buy, dehydrated cranberries (rehydrated in water to make them sweet) rehydrated apricots and chestnuts.”

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