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Summer Drinking

Summer Drinking

Summer’s upon us and with (hopefully) lots of sunny days, long weekends and late evenings ahead, it’s important that you’ve a range of interesting and on-trend drinks available for your customers. Take Stock talked to the Diageo team about what’s hot and what to stock…

Did you know?

  • Pimm’s sells three and a half times more than it’s nearest competitor within the liquors and speciality category and sales double in the summer
  • Cider’s a top summer drink and fruit cider is the fastest growing segment in the category – experiencing double digit growth
  • Packaged beers and ciders account for 12% of on trade volume, and generate 20% of value. They’re real money-spinners.
  • In 2016, rum sales were up 2.4% and continued growth is expected this year

It’s Pimm’s o’clock!

Synonymous with summer, Pimm’s is a must! Not only is it a perfect pitcher serve – allowing customers to serve themselves – but seeing others enjoying a cooling long cocktail, does wonders for copycat sales. Pitchers can be pre-prepped and there are lots of interesting recipes available. Here are just a few suggestions: The Classic, Pimm’s Fizz Pitcher & Pimm & Proper

Packaged beers and ciders

Worth over £2.4bn to the on trade and growing, it’s essential to make sure your fridges are fully stocked with packaged beers and ciders and you’ve considered the draught options too. Flavoured varieties of cider are enjoying the most on trade growth – up £122m year-on-year. Dominant brands seeing particular growth include Smirnoff Cider, Pimm’s Cider, Rekorderlig and Old Mout, but don’t forget offerings from the smaller, craft cider makers. Craft ales are popular sellers too. Check out our Campaign for Real Ale feature for more information and ideas.

Soft drinks and mixers

Vital for non drinkers and drivers, not to mention children, there are lots of new and exciting offerings in this category. Check out our recent feature on our website:

Top tips for summer sales

Inspiring serves

  • Create a range of cocktail and mocktail serves and make sure your staff know how to prepare them
  • Quirky vessels don’t have to be expensive – how about pairing jam jars with a summer pitcher?
  • Try putting your glasses in the fridge to keep them cold – and use plenty of ice!
  • Always use fresh garnishes and look for local ingredients to use

Don’t keep your customers guessing

  • Use your fridges, menus and back bar POS material to clearly communicate your summer drinks offering
  • Displaying images of delicious finished drinks drives appeal

Look after your customers on hot days

  • Make water more appealing by adding fresh strawberries or cucumber
  • Run promotions on food e.g. sharing platters to go with pitchers

Make your outdoors great

  • Your outdoor area should be clean, tidy and appealing, and any ill-fitted or worn furniture fixed or replaced
  • Order plastic glasses – pints, halves and wine glasses and flutes – so you have these readily available
  • Depending on the size of your outdoor area, rota additional staff for known busy days
  • Offer table service to allow your customers make the most of the sunshine and get repeat orders
  • Providing outdoor games can create a memorable and unique experience

Sources: Nielsen Scantrack and CGA Strategy Brand Index

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