Schwartz September 2019
Cooking sauces

It’s summertime and the living should be easy

Make the most of quality cooking sauces to create global recipes in a flash.

With dozens of from-the-jar sauces on offer, you can mix and match flavours to suit any customers who travel to your door.

  • Why not start with true tastes from the Americas – the home of summer barbecue cooking?
  • For the smooth warmth of the Deep South there are sweet and smoky sauces or rustle up the lively, spicy tang of Texas tastes. Jazz-up chicken with Cajun sauces from Louisiana packed with peppery heat.
  • To raise the temperature, slip down across the border to Mexico for bright tomato salsas or that all-time classic Chilli con Carne.
  • When it comes to the Far East, explore beyond Chinese favourites like Sweet and Sour or Black Bean sauces and venture into the richness of Malaysian Satay, creamy Thai sauces or the clean taste of Japanese Teriyaki.
  • A little closer and all the regional delights of India are now only a screw-top away from satisfying your guests’ wildest curry desires.
  • Then back home to Europe where Italian food is now recognized as the most popular cuisine in the world.
  • From the simplest tomato and basil through to meaty bolognese, these are also the most versatile sauces which can be adapted to suit your own imagination.

Used as healthy finished sauces with pasta or as the start of melting pizza toppings, they are also perfect as hot dips to accompany traditional fries or spicy wedges. So when the heat’s on this summer, keep it simple and reach for those ready-made sauces as a trusted start for your own creativity.

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