Schwartz September 2019

Sunshine Sidras

Cidre in France, sidra in Spain, cedro in Italian and cider in the UK. Whatever you know it as, it’s a refreshing accompaniment to your Mediterranean menu. Why not impress your customers and mix up your product offering with some foreign flavours to really give them a taste of the Med?


Sidra Avalon Cider – Avalon is a brilliant pale yellow Sidra at 5.5% with a smooth style and a slow release of fine bubbles forming an attractive and a persistent lacy head. Clean aromas of green apple shine through with hints of balsam.

El Gaitero Cider – Spain’s best seller, this refreshing 5.5% medium-dry cider is pale, crisp and light, with a clean apple flavour. Known in Spain as Sidra Champanada due to the way it’s fermented in the bottle – hence the champagne style cork.

Maeloc Blackberry Cider – A 4% ABV craft fruit cider. Made with apples exclusively cultivated in Galicia, with fresh blackberry juice added. There is a Strawberry variant, made the same way, but with the juice from sharply sweet strawberries.


Cidre De Normandie Bayeux Doux – Made with some pears, this classic cider has a ‘bittersweet’ edge reminiscent of our own west-country farm ciders.

Loïc Raison Breton Cidre, Brut – Brittany’s most popular cider, famous for its character and freshness. 100% natural with no added water, colourings, sugars or additives, Loïc Raison Cidre is 4.5% ABV. Fat and generous on the palate the mouth feel is both silky and robust.

Loïc Raison Brut Framboise – A pairing of cidre with real raspberry juice and just a touch of sugar culminates in a tasty, fruity, and refreshing beverage. A bronze medal winner in the 2018 International Cider Challenge.


Angioletti Mela Rossa Sidro – Angioletti Mela Rossa Sidro is a medium dry cider that is crisp and fresh with crunchy apple flavours and a refreshing, lightly sparkling style. 5% ABV.

Angioletti Secco Sparkling Italian Craft Cider – Angioletti Secco Sparkling Italian Craft Cider is a 5% ABV dry cider with aromas of fresh apple and white blossom. Made with 100% Italian apple juice the same way as Prosecco, the result is intense, fresh flavours of orchard fruits, followed by a satisfying, clean and crisp aftertaste.

Angioletti Rosé with Blueberry Craft Cider – Made with apples from the Italian Dolomites which are then blended with blueberries, carefully pressed in Italy. A premium 4% ABV sparkling craft cider with forest fruit aromas, followed by fresh apple and blueberry flavours.

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