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Nestlé Professional is launching a new premium beverage programme for food service operators in the UK.

Already rolled out in France, Switzerland and Spain, its award-winning Viaggi system comes to Britain this month. Viaggi offers a menu of more than 40 high quality barista style drinks ranging from authentic hot or over-ice espresso-based specialities to chocolate beverages.

The Viaggi system, which won the coveted Grand Prix de L’innovation award in the Equipment and Service category at this year’s international SIRHA show in Lyon, France, is built around the beverage expertise of Nestlé Professional and uses a blend of specifically developed Grand Cru coffee extract by Nescafé, liquid chocolate concentrate by Cailler and milk by Nestlé. The system also benefits from the expertise of renowned Italian machine manufacturer La Cimbali.

As well as being the first ‘touch of a button’ system of its kind to offer such a variety of quality consistent drinks, Viaggi’s exclusive technology combines operational simplicity (product loading, beverage preparation) with a continuous aseptic dispensing packaging that optimises food safety.

Viaggi customers are provided with a dedicated commercial and service platform that includes a personalised concierge service. For further information on the Viaggi system, telephone 0208 667 6677, email nadiananji@uk.nestle.com or visit www.viaggi-programme.com.

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