Schwartz September 2019

Super Food

Seaweed is available all year round, making it a super and fascinating food. Filled with antioxidants, calcium and vitamins it is perfect at this time of year to help fight off colds.

Classified by colour; red, green and brown, the good news is that you don’t have to head to the seaside to find it!

Dried seaweed is now available to buy from food halls and harvesters and is becoming a popular choice, because it is easier to cook
than fresh. Often sold in a grinder-style pot or finely ground in resealable packets, some producers blend it to maximise flavour.
Seaweed can be sprinkled into baking, soups and stews, while nori sheets can be
used to wrap almost anything.

However, if you want to forage, the red seaweed dulse, Palmaria palmata is one of the larger red seaweeds and whilst normally found on rocks, it often hitches a ride on kelp stipes (brown seaweed) too. It is one of the better known seaweeds and its hand shaped fronds soften on cooking; although, historically, crofters chewed dulse in its raw state.

Dulse changes from red to green when cooked and is a useful thickener in soups and stews. It works well in tapenade and even in
a praline.

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