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Super Stuffing

Christmas stuffing should be over the top and explode with flavour.

From traditional to a festive twist, make sure your stuffing ticks all the boxes of your customers’ needs and makes it memorable for them.

What to serve

• Sausage, sage & onion
• Apricot & hazelnut
• Hazelnut, pancetta & orange
• Chestnut, bacon & cranberry
• Red onion, lentil & sage

How to serve

• That’s a wrap – finish off your stuffing with a criss-crossed bacon wrap and secure with cocktail sticks for a side dish that gives pigs-in-blankets a run for its money.
• Roll with it – give Yule log a whole new meaning by serving your seasonal chestnut sausage meat stuffing as a pretty cylindrical centrepiece. Wrap in bacon and serve in thick slices.
• Go with the grain – often-overlooked, polenta is an economical ingredient. Its soft texture lends itself well to being cooked with cream. Once topped with bacon, herbs and Parmesan cheese, it makes an ideal alternative stuffing choice.
• Make a cake – avoid tedious ball rolling and flatten your stuffing into a cake. It works with most stuffing recipes, but especially stuffing
packed with chestnuts. Serve as wedges.
Source: BBC Good Food

View recipe: Porcini Mushroom Marsala Stuffing

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