Kuehne June 2019


On-trade news for May-June

Real Vibrancy

Diageo has been busy in the rum sector – their Captain Morgan spiced growing to 74% market share of spiced rum in just three years and 26% of total rum. Now the Captain is turning his guns on another section of the sector, with the launch of 37.5% ABV Captain Morgan White Rum. Made with rum sourced from the Caribbean and blended to create a smooth, slightly sweet and creamy taste it aims to capitalise on consumer perception of white rum as a high-energy occasions drink. Great with cola or in cocktails, Captain Morgan White Rum will add real vibrancy and excitement to the white rum category!

Bold Taste

Smirnoff is arguably the most famous name in vodka, and now there’s a new addition to their stable – Smirnoff Double Black Ice. Already a runaway success story in South Africa, where it has sold over 1.5 million cases, and in Australia, where it makes up over 50% of Smirnoff sales, Smirnoff Double Black Ice is 4.7% ABV and is available in both bottles and cans. Best served chilled, ready to drink Smirnoff Double Black Ice has no caffeine. Its unique taste comes from the blend of Smirnoff vodka, guarana and soda. Offering drinkers a bold taste with intense flavours, Smirnoff’s latest is sure to appeal to younger drinkers looking for something new this summer.

Summer Tipple

Ginger Grouse is the perfect summer drink – proving that Ginger Beer, thanks to The Famous Grouse, has come a long way from the days of Billy Bunter! The seasonal tipple, primarily aimed at 25-40 year old male drinkers, is a refreshing ginger beer with a splash of Scotland’s No. 1 whisky. A real thirst quencher, it has a delicious blend of citrus and warming spices. Available in 500ml bottles, Ginger Grouse is supported by a whole range of premium POS materials and offers drinkers serious refreshment. Serve over ice with a wedge of lime.

Golden Guinness

Last September, Guinness launched their West Indies and Dublin Porters – both of which have become firm favourites in the premium bottled ale arena occupying first and third spots in the sales rankings. Now, Diageo has launched a third edition to the Porters family – Guinness Golden Ale. The 4.5% ABV ale is brewed using Guinness yeast, hops, Irish Barley and amber malt to give it a rich golden colour and the launch is being supported by a £4.5m advertising campaign. With growth in PBA golden ale at 31% and the PBA category set to double in size by 2020, Guinness Golden Ale is set to become yet another success story!

Coffee Indulgence

With research by Allegra showing 64% of under 24s and 51% of consumers aged 25-34 wanting to try new products when visiting a coffee shop, it’s essential to be ready. Recognising this, Tate & Lyle has launched a new Fairtrade Beverage Syrups range into the foodservice sector, made with pure cane sugar and no artificial colours. Ideal for making flavoured coffees and frappes, there are eight flavours; Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, Chocolate, Spiced Chai, Strawberry, Raspberry and Mango. Available in 750ml bottles with an 18-month shelf life. www.sugarandsyrup.com for information and recipe suggestions.

Cider Demand

Carlsberg’s Somersby brand has three new additions, two of which tap into the booming demand for fruit-flavoured ciders – a category that according to CGA and Neilsen is experiencing 22% year-on-year growth. Somersby Apple Burst – a sweeter 4.5% ABV version of the original Somersby Cider, Somersby Cranberry – a delicious 4% ABV cider with that familiar sharp cranberry taste and Somersby Blackberry – 4% ABV with a fruity, tangy taste of blackberry are all best served over ice. Available in 500ml bottles.

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